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Blogger’s tweets spark conversation about what plus-sized people experience when flying

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Flying can be a struggle for many of us, but one blogger's series of tweets about how she prepares for the airport has triggered a conversation about what plus-sized people go through when flying.

The woman, who goes by " Your Fat Friend." said over the last two years, fifty percent of passengers in her row have complained about her.

She also shared, in detail, the steps she took before her recent flight, writing, "I researched airlines for their "customer of size" policies, many of which reserve the right to kick me off the plane, even after boarding."

She went on to say, " I brought my own seatbelt extender so I wouldn't have to ask for one. Sometimes mt extender is confiscated by the TSA. Today it wasn't."

Body image blogger, Jes Baker, joined Morning Dose on Thursday. She says, even for her, there's a lot of anxiety before going on a plane.

"I won't fly unless there is a window seat, so I cram myself against the window seat and not be in people's way," Baker said.

Flying can be many things for us - but for some - like the brave blogger said, "it's a major physical and emotional risk."

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