Dirt is good for your kids, one scientist says

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Parents, if your kids like to get down and dirty, don't stress. Apparently, it's not such a bad thing!

One scientist says dirt is actually good for kids.

University of Chicago scientist Jack Gilbert did a little digging to find out what risks children face when exposed to Mother Nature and discovered that germ exposure actually makes the immune system stronger.

He even wrote a book about it called Dirt is Good. Co-author Sandra Blakeslee joined Morning Dose Monday via Skype and said parents are keeping their kids too clean.

"People sterilize their kids. They don't let them play outside, they don't let them touch animals. They wash their hands after they touch anything and that harms them pretty seriously," Blakeslee said.

And when the pacifier falls in the dirt, she says parents should lick it before putting it back in their kid's mouth.

Blakeslee said, "It won't hurt them. There's been a study 20 thousand parents looked at this: kids are healthier if the parents lick it. Better than if they sterilize it or throw it out.

She says sanitizers can actually be dangerous for kids.

"Soap and water are just fine. You don't need to sterilize your kids' hands. In fact, that harms them," she said.

Well, guess it's time to take those iPads away from your kids and send them outside to play.

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