Chew on This: Poke Bop

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DALLAS -- If you spend any time on social media, it's likely you've seen pictures of poke.

"So the Hawaiian pronunciation is poh-KAY'," Marc Mattox told Newsfix. Mattox is co-owner of Poke Bop.

The popularity of poke, which is essentially a raw fish salad, seemed to come out of nowhere over the past few months. NewsFix stopped by Poke Bop on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas, where we discovered poke is actually not a new concept.

"It's something new here in Dallas now, but it's been around since the 70's,” Marc Mattox said. "I really never thought about bringing the concept here, and then my two Korean partners said, 'Hey, what do you think about bringing Poke here?' and I thought, 'Great idea!'"

Poke Bop is offering items like the classic poke bowl.

"What we do best here is BYOB bowls, which is build your own bowl,” Mattox said. "You just go through the line and pick exactly what you want."

They're even dishing out poke tacos.

"It's a good grab-n-go," Mattox said. "It's tasty, delicious, healthy, and very good for you."

Chew on This: If you have the time, call ahead and order the sushi donut.

"Essentially, it's sushi rice that makes a donut that we put sashimi on top of,” Mattox said. “And then we just load it up with masago; whatever you want on it."

It may be a Hawaiian treat, but looks like Poke is more than okay for folks in the Triple D.

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