Brides panic as Alfredo Angelo stores close across the country

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FRISCO, Tx. - "It's crazy, it's crazy, crazy, crazy!"

We all know planning a wedding can get, well crazy, but that's not what Frisco stylist Candy is talking about. The groom didn't jilt the bride in this scenario -- the bridal shop did.

Alfred Angelo Bridal in Frisco is one of 60 stores across the county to close suddenly after the company filed for bankruptcy.

"These ladies have spent a beaucoup amount of money to buy these dresses, cause it's not cheap in here," Candy said. "And now... [shoulder shrug]."

That seems to be everyone's question -- "Now what?!"

Customers are directed to lawyer Patricia Ann Redmond who's said in interviews they're trying to fulfill the orders already placed. But brides are understandably worried and angry at how everything's being handled.

"I haven't been able to sleep," one bride said. "I have to get up and camp there and at least attempt to pick up my dress that's paid for!"

"I didn't get a call or anything," said another bride. "They didn't even call to cancel my alterations appointment, nothing. No type of call, email. We found out cause my aunt was watching the news."

Social media was ablaze with upset brides, men telling fiances to be supportive, and some women even offering to lend out their dresses.

"I just hope that the management really will get on the ball and get these things out to these people cause they spent good money," said Candy.

We do too!