Professor posts rant when no one shows up for class!

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Cutting class in college is almost like a rite of passage. Everyone's done it or at least tried it once, right?

And usually skipping out on a random college class isn't that big of a deal. In large part, it's because it's just one or two people.

But when Associate Professor Adrian Raftery walked into his classroom for the first day of estate planning and saw a big room full *empty desks* - he ditched the chalk and went straight to LinkedIn.

Raftery says, "Here is my first class for 2nd semester which was supposed to have started 15 mins ago. After being pumped up to give a great class, I am deflated that they couldn't bother their arse to show up" and "Students don't realise that their lecturers could be their best advocates for getting a job."

Ouch! No teacher’s pet here and they're all getting an F for failing to show!

Raftery has been teaching for six years and says he's never experienced this before. Guess it was the first time and hopefully the last because since his rant he's had nothing but a show of hands!