Hawaii judge expands list of relatives exempted from President Trump’s travel ban

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HONOLULU, HI -- A federal judge in Hawaii is putting his own twist on President Trump's temporary travel ban, again.

Yeah, and you thought this whole issue was temporarily behind us! Well, think again.

Judge Derrick Watson ordered the Trump administration to add grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives of people in the U.S. to the list of individuals exempt from the ban.

The executive order, which went into effect last month, bans people from six Muslim majority countries from entering the U.S. for 90 days.

The current ban exempts individuals who have a bona fide relationship in the country - meaning only parents, children, fiances and spouses.

That is - until judge Watson in Hawaii expanded that.

So while the list of people allowed in the country expands, it looks like the size of President Trump's planned border wall is shrinking.

While flying back from France, Thursday night, the president told reporters on Air Force One that he only plans to cover 700 to 900 miles of the U.S. - Mexico border, which is a total of two thousand miles.

And given the current pace, it could take up to a decade, and tens of billions of dollars to make that happen.

Not sure if this means the president is having a change of heart, but with all these plans growing and shrinking and changing on a daily basis - there's probably gonna be something new to report tomorrow...