Travel Fix: Drew travels to Central Asia

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On this edition of Travel Fix, Drew Binsky takes in the sites, sounds and smells of Central Asia.

And while he enjoys traveling solo, this time, Drew decided to book with a company called G Adventures.

"It had everything organized for me... didn't really have to think about where I was going. Especially in a region like Central Asia where it's hard to get around. Especially without knowing Russian," Drew said.

On his trip, Drew visited Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

"These are countries that people probably have no idea what they're about, because that's how I was before I went," Drew said.

First up? Tajikistan!

Drew said, "my favorite part in Tajikistan was staying in the villages for a few nights,  so we were literally in the middle of the country side. We were greeted by these kids and we learned how to cook local bread. We were hiking the mountains."

He says people in the villages didn't have electricity or hot water, but were very happy.

Drew and his tour group then took-off to Uzbekistan.

"The Visa is really hard to get - and the security and immigration are the tightest I've ever had in my whole life - by far," said Drew.

But once he got into the capital city of Tashikent, Drew says it was great!

"A lot of people speak Russian as a first language.. or a second language. It's really cool," Drew said.

He then went to one of the oldest cities in Asia, called Samarkand.

"There's all these blue-tiled architecture like mosques, mezalians.  I've never seen architecture like this in my life.. it's really detailed, Drew said.

He then left his G Adventures group and traveled solo to Kurdistan, which is between China and Uzbekistan.

"The country is 94% covered in mountains... so it's a nature lover's paradise there," said Drew. "64% of the Kurdish people live on the country side - which is unlike most countries where they're going to the big cities."

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