SEE IT! Former NASA engineer builds worlds largest water gun!

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - So what does a former NASA engineer do with his free time? Build a super duper Super Soaker of course! Ever since Mark Rober left the space agency, he's made some outta this world gadgets on YouTube. But his previous project on the world's largest Nerf gun has nothing on this water gun!

Mark made the pistol so powerful it can fire jets of water 272 miles per hour!

Can't wrap your head around that? Well, let's just say it's enough force to slice a watermelon and shatter glass!

Although mark showcases his shooter on YouTube, he warns that you probably shouldn't try it at home. Although... if your curiosity gets the best of you he'd prefer you do it right!

After all, he once helped build spaceships for a living! Just saying!

Check it all out below: