Family calls Arlington PD to take their baby away

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ARLINGTON -- Take a look at this pic posted by Arlington police Thursday, one of their men in blue with a beautiful baby girl!

But it's the story behind this photo that's tugging on our heart strings. Cops say they were called out to a business where a family of the 9-month-old  girl stood in the parking lot asking for help.

According to their post "for many" reasons, the family claimed they could no longer care for the child. Before police handed the baby over to CPS they bought her clothes, diapers, milk, and toys.

They posted " for a moment this little girl had no idea how bad her circumstances were but she will always have friends ... "

That's true but what price will her parents have to pay?

Under the Baby Moses Law, parents won't face any charges when giving their baby to a hospital, fire station, or EMS if the baby is younger than 60 days!

Considering the baby Arlington PD posted is 9-months-old, we don't know whether the parents will be punished or not.

But one thing's for sure. Whatever the parents are going through, it's better than what we've seen in social media posts in the past.

Like the couple cops found in Ohio overdosed on drugs and their kid in the backseat crying.

So, we can probably chalk this one up as the best option among a lot of bad ones.