President Trump holds a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris

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PARIS, FRANCE -- President Trump touched-down in Europe for the second time in a week.

Yeah, he met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, Thursday, ahead of the country's national holiday - Bastille Day.

"Our occasional disagreements are nothing compared to the immortal bonds of culture, destiny and liberty that unite us" Trump said.

The two held their first joint press conference where they tackled a number of topics, including the Paris Accord.

President Trump said, "Something could happen with respect to the Paris Accord. We'll see what happens. We will talk about that over the coming period of time. And if it happens, that will be wonderful and if it doesn't, that will be okay too."

Meanwhile, President Macron said, despite their differences, he respects the decision taken by President Trump  to abandon the Paris agreement.

Both presidents also talked about the importance of fighting terrorism - together.

"The United States and our allies strengthen our commitments to defeat terrorism," said Trump.

When it comes to fighting terrorism, President Macron said, the U.S. and France have always seen eye-to-eye.

And when President Trump was asked about Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer last year, he defended his eldest son.

"I think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. It's called opposition research, or even research into your opponent," he said.

Early in the day, the president's Twitter page indicated he was in McKinney, Texas.

Looks like that was just a little confusion on Twitter's part. One of McKinney's zip codes matched up to a postal code in Paris.

Hey, McKinney is great, but they don't do much for Bastille Day there.