North Texans dress in bathrobes to stand up against racist letters

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PROVIDENCE VILLAGE -- Saint James Limoges and Sina Tidwell are not just neighbors, but also good friends.

While their backgrounds are different, one thing they have in common is their stance against hate of any kind -- but especially when it’s coming from their own neighborhood.

They say hate started after Limoges and her husband moved into their Providence Village home, she and her husband -- who are a mixed race couple -- say they received hateful letters in the mail.

“The letter was stating that my husband was trailer trash and he needed to take his nasty n****r and move out of the subdivision,” Limoges said. “Oh my gosh first reaction: We immediately called the police, but you get that sinking feeling in your stomach that you`re not safe.

That first letter was full of racial slurs and profanity, and Limoges says the letters kept coming. Some even complained that she was spending too much time sitting on her own front porch with her robe on.

“A lot of the letters, they mention that she was wearing her robe on her porch and one afternoon my husband and I were visiting with her and her husband and she made a comment that they must be really enamored with my robe,” Tidwell said. “My husband responded, you know you should get some of the ladies together and sit on her porch in a robe.”

While the police are investigating the threatening letters, Limoges says she has been amazed by the support in the community. She also says she has no hate for the person sending the letters.

“Hate is something that is taught and so I feel bad for them that someone had taught them to be so hateful.”