More are opting for shared work spaces rather than working from home!

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DALLAS - Working from home can be tough! From kids, to chores, to pets, it can be distracting!

But what if there's a way to have your cake, and eat it too?

Yea, believe it or not, you can, thanks to a growing trend: renting shared office spaces.

"Great opportunity for us to have a place where all of our team members could come together," says Access CEO  Tim Elliott. "We're all over the country so most of our employees work from home. We picked Industrious because of a lot of things, but one of the main reasons was for the hospitality aspect."

Yeah, breakfast, snacks, and coffee all included? Sounds good!

Industrious is one of the new places that's recently popped up around DFW and 16 other major U.S. cities.

"We've found out that 90% of our members here have found themselves to be more productive than their past working environments, so it`s definitely a great alternative," says Industrious Community Manager Jessica Martinez. "We take care of all of the little things.... (It's an) opportunity for you to come and network and that's stuff you wouldn`t really get at home."

Of course, it`s not just for work-from-home companies either.

"Every company has its own culture," says Elliott, "and find a place that kind of fits your culture, one that you walk into, you get energy from."

Which is something many are probably getting based on the DFW view!