Texas man trapped for hours inside ATM slips ‘Please Help! notes to customers

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CORPUS CHRISTI - Some Bank of America customers in Corpus Christi got a little something extra with their ATM transactions this week -- tiny handwritten pleas for help from a man trapped behind the automated teller machine.

The man is a contractor who showed up  to repair a door lock (yes, ironic) at the bank building, which is closed for repairs. He somehow got locked inside the ATM room and had no way to signal for help.

"He can't get out. He can't call anybody because his phone is in his truck," Corpus Christi Police Officer Richard Olden said.

What to do? No one knew he was trapped there and no one was going to be coming inside the closed building.

But there were customers pulling up to the ATM to do their banking business, so he started slipping notes through the receipt slot, begging for help.

"Please help! I'm stuck in here and I don't have my phone! Please call my boss at 210.....," a note read.

How many people thought it was a prank? But finally someone who remembered the Golden Rule called police, just in case it was real.

"Sure enough, we can hear a little voice coming from the machine," Olden said.

Police say the man was stuck in the ATM room for about two hours before his boss finally showed up and set him free.