Irving Music Factory racing against the clock to open

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IRVING — It’s a project a decade in the making, but now the opening of the Irving Music Factory is just a month and a half away.

Yeah, on August 31 Dave Chapelle will officially kick off the new Irving entertainment district and right now the site is racing against the clock for opening day.

“There is a huge sense of urgency here and we’ve got a great team of construction workers here as fast as they can to make this happen,” said ARK Group president, Noah Lazes. “At any given time you may have over thousand people on site working, so it’s a whole city within a city here trying to get this project ready to open on Labor Day weekend.”

The full opening of the complex, with its 25 restaurants and venues as well as an Alamo Drafthouse Theater, won’t come until December. But getting this going is a huge deal for Irving, a city that’s been looking for its identity in the Metroplex since the Cowboys skipped town and Texas Stadium turned into a parking lot.

“We’ve never been involved in a project that has so much community and city support,” said Lazes. “Everyone in Irving is behind this project and they’ve been a good partner to the project. Many people can’t believe it’s a reality.”

A lot of folks probably thought it never would be a reality, and even though it might be a sprint to the finish, in a month and a half it will be.