Arlington police arrest teens, allegedly tells mom to turn in video for charges to be dropped

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ARLINGTON – Another controversial video of a police arrest has hit the internet, this time with Arlington PD.

In the video, a teen’s mother can be heard telling officers she believes her son is innocent. The boy, 14-year-old Trayvon, was being arrested for burglary.

In the video, the mother can be heard asking the officers where they were taking her son, which an officer responded, “You’ve become uncooperative so I’m not going to give you that.”

While trying to get more information from the officer, the situations escalates leading an officer to arrest her 16-year-old son, who was later charged with interfering with official police duties.

The mother was later able to track her sons down and get them released.

According to Next Generation Action Network’s post on Facebook, the mother was assured that charges against her sons would be dropped, but only if she surrendered the footage over to police. They are asking people to call the Arlington Police Department to demand charges against both boys be dropped and to terminate the officer.