Paris and Los Angeles competing to host 2024 Olympics

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PARIS, FRANCE -- We know the 2020 Olympics are happening in Tokyo, but Paris already has its sights set on the next one!

Paris leaders have spent about $70 million on shows and demonstrations to convince the International Olympic Committee that they're in it to win it!

"We already have all the resources. We have 95% of existing venues, we have all the transport facilities. So it's time now to really consider that France is the right place to organize the games in 24," triple gold medal winner, Tony Estanguet said.

France isn't doing it for the cash flow. They're in it for bragging rights!

"It's like when you host a buddy at your house, you don't do it for the money. You do it to shine, so of course it's a major challenge for the city, and they will show, they want to show that they will succeed," sports researcher, Pim Verschuuren said.

The only thing standing in their way? The United States, specifically Los Angeles.

Donald Trump posted a tweet saying:

The good news is if the two cities can agree who gets to host 2024, then the other wins the 2028 Olympics. So who will be the winner? The City of Love or the City of Angels.