More millennials bringing in extra money with side jobs

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DALLAS-- When it comes to millennials, many people believe that beyond the selfies and hashtags, millennials are straight-up lazy.

“A lot of people think that just because...  some millennials have had some things easier as far as college goes,” Video Editor Valerie Rocio said. “I feel like we had the internet, social media, we have a lot of different ways to access information.”

Well, it turns out millennials like Valerie Rocio are working harder than ever before. According to a new study from BankRate, 28 percent of people ages 18-26 have extra jobs, called side hustles, to bring home the bacon.

“So outside of here I also work for the Dallas Cowboys, I’ve been on the promotions team for three seasons now. And then I also work as a demo rep for a supplement company called Man sports,” Rocio said

“So many millennials are being called lazy, that they don`t want to do things and it`s so not true.”

Psyche Terry had turned her side hustle into a full-time brand, and with many of those millennials bringing in an extra $500 every month, Terry says they need to invest in themselves.

“One of my biggest, neatest things I can say is that I bootstrapped my way to this million dollar status in my business by way of financing my own self by way of side hustle money.”