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How hotels are changing for Millennials

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DALLAS — Millennials are taking over hotels. The latest polls show that Millennials now make up 43% of hotel guests, the most of any generation.

Of course, that means hotels, like the Lorenzo, are out to change how they do things to appeal to the new generation.

“Our thinking is that today’s traveler isn’t interested in the same old, same old,” said Larry Hamilton, CEO of Hamilton Properties Corporation. “They like to be stimulated and have something new and creative, and so that’s what we’re trying to give to them.”

So that can mean high-tech hotels, eclectic artworks, and unique design, but here’s the key: for Millennials it can’t just be hollow prettiness. It has to come with substance.

“Everything has meaning behind it, like every piece I’ve seen so far is something from history, there’s a story behind it,” Haley Rogers said. “And for me and I think other Millennials it’s about beauty and aesthetics but we love the meaning behind stuff. That’s what we do at our jobs, we want meaning at our jobs.”

So it’s up to hotels to try to find deeper meaning when putting together a room with a bed. Hey, nobody said Millennials were low maintenance, but it’s well worth it to try to stand out from the crowd and appeal to the next generation.

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