The city of Dallas sends support to family of shot, killed NYPD officer

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DALLAS -- The City of Dallas sent some love and support, Friday, all the way to New York.

Emily Thompson, the widow of a fallen DPD officer, along with the Dallas Police Association Skyped with officers in New York and leaders of Tunnel to Towers Foundation to lend a helping hand to the Family of Officer Miosotis Familia. She was shot and killed while sitting in her car, Wednesday.

"My heart is completely broken for this family.. her babies - as young as 12 - shouldn't be feeling this burden. nobody should feel it," Thompson said.

And speaking of the DPA, they're apparently upset over remarks made by Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price during a commissioners meeting on Wednesday, It came as the commissioners honored the officers who were killed during a police ambush last July.

"I think it's interesting in this country how you again try to frame the narrative with regards to other people who've lost their life at the hands of law enforcement .. no life is more important the any other life," Price said.

Well, they're now demanding a public apology from Mr. Price.

"I think it's very disheartening and very disrespectful to the families of those five officers who gave their lives for the city of Dallas and the residents of Dallas County, " DPA president Michael Mata said.

And it seems that officers' frustration has gone nationwide.

New York Police Officer Martin T. Green posted a video on Twitter, Thursday, expressing his anger over the lack of support officers have been getting from celebrities - especially after officer Familia's murder.

"That's a mother of three children.. she went to work and didn't come home. Where are the celebrities now?? I  don't hear you, I don't see you," Green said.

Looks like the emotion surrounding police shootings will be with us for a long time.