Dallas officer talks about surviving shooting spree one year later

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DALLAS -- Looking at it now, you`d never know that one year ago, El Centro College was busted and shattered from an explosion and gunfire.

That`s where Micah X. Johnson holed up after a shooting spree that killed four Dallas police officers and a DART officer.

"He put something out on the radio I still again, to this day, I still don`t remember what it was, I just knew he had a sense of urgency in his voice," says Dallas Police Officer, John Abbott II. He's talking about the night one year ago when he heard from his partner at the college.

"We approached the front door, or the march street door, he was pushing through the door when the glass exploded."

Commotion ensued...

"He was shot in the abdomen, took a fragment in a bullet core, I was hit in the lower legs with glass and fragment."

Ultimately, Abbott found Officer Brent Thompson, the DART officer who died that night.

"Grabbed him pulled him out cause we were still receiving rounds."

Memories brought up after a Commemorative Ceremony on Renewal and Resilience at the college.

"We should all just work together to make sure that never happens again," says a local resident.

The focus of the event - just that!

"It made me feel humbled," says Abbott, "to see all of the community support, all the law enforcement brotherhood that`s come together."