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Making a margarita in the sun can actually burn your skin

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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- If you've got margaritas in your summer plans, you'd better listen up. A Florida man says he got second-degree burns on his hands a day after making margaritas outside.

Apparently, the mixture of the sunshine and lime juice caused a toxic reaction to the skin, known as margarita dermatitis - which formed into a massive blister.

Dr. Rosemary Deshazo with the University Utah Health Care says the best treatment is prevention. She says people should make sure to wear a hat and cover their legs and arms while drinking margaritas in the sun.

Well, another thing you should probably not do in the sun is put Coca-Cola on your skin.

Apparently, some people will do whatever it takes to get a darker tan - faster. Like using the soda drink as a tanning lotion.

Well, bad news: it doesn't actually help tan your skin. It just stains it, making it look like you've got some sun. And as you can imagine, it's bad for you.

A skincare expert says Coca-Cola's high acidity destroys the skin's natural barrier function, which leaves you open to all kinds of burns, and accelerates sun damage.

So instead of falling victims to silly trends, how about we focus on protecting our skin from the harsh summer rays.

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