Irving plants over 40,000 flags for 4th of July

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IRVING, TX — One score and four years ago, Nell Anne Hunt started putting down flags around her Irving home for 4th of July.

Twenty-four years later the operation now has over 40,000 flags planted all over the area in what they call The Great Flag Caper.

“We just swoop down and put these flags out and no one knows who does it,” explained Nell Anne Hunt. “It just appears and everybody goes out and it’s a wow factor and they think ‘oh my goodness, this looks beautiful.’”

And the motivation behind planting tens of thousands of Old Glories during the 4th of July weekend is simple:

“We love our country and we really want to pass it on to the next generation,” said Hunt. “We have lots of children that help us, that bring their red wagons and their parents and grandparents talk to them about what this country’s meant to them. We have a lot of military members that come and do it in honor of their family that’s in the military. So we all join together in remembering the real values in America, that of kindness and inclusiveness. There’s a seat at the table for everybody at the Great Flag Caper.”

Yeah, it’s good to know that come Independence Day, there are always these true blue Americans spreading the spirit of the stars and stripes to ever neighborhood they can get to.