What’s 99 degrees and left out in the cold? This Dallas fire station!

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DALLAS -- We know firefighters can take the heat, but this one just isn't cool!

A Facebook post Friday from the Dallas Firefighters Association said Dallas' Station 15 has been nearly 100 degrees for more than five days because the air conditioning isn't working. A trip to Station 15 confirmed it, with hoses running out of windows to pump out the hot air.

Dallas Fire Rescue Public Information Officer Jason Evans said in a statement, "As it currently stands, the fire station's air conditioning is not functioning properly in approximately 3/4 of the station. While the bedrooms are the only locations in which the temperatures are at a normal level, the remaining areas have been equipped with cooling stations, as a temporary cooling measure, until repairs can be made to the permanent system."

With more than one thousand shares and 700 unhappy reactions later on the Facebook post, the public's response seems unanimous. They want a little less talk and a lot more action from the City of Dallas.

City Manager T.C. Broadnax said in a statement, "My understanding is that the parts to repair the air conditioner had been delayed and just arrived today. The repairs were scheduled for tomorrow, however, given the reported temperatures in the station, we are dispatching building maintenance staff tonight to make the repairs. "

He always leveled a healthy dose of salt at DFA.

"I was not aware of the air conditioner being broken until a few minutes ago (not to mention for 5 days)," Broadnax said. "I'm not quite sure why the firefighters are communicating their concerns to the media or on social media instead of sharing their concerns to the Fire Chief or command staff (or maybe even the City Manager), but I can assure you I will find out on Monday."

The original Dallas Firefighters Association Facebook post expressed aggravation with how the city's using its money, adding "Tell us again why no bond money is going to replace or fix fire stations? #publicsafetynotbridges"

Broadnax addressed that as well, saying, "Lastly, the years of deferred maintenance at the many city buildings is not new, that is why the pending 2017 bond election is so important to provide an opportunity for these types of issues to be addressed. "

All of that may be true, but the fact remains that a Dallas Fire station has been nearly 100 degrees for almost a week.

C'mon, man.

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