Women behind Spa Castle lawsuit speak out!

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CARROLLTON -- The women behind a lawsuit against Spa Castle are speaking out. Three of the four women held a press conference to address the Peeping Tom allegations bubbling over at the Carrollton spa. They're looking for a  $1 million dollar payout.

"As a woman, we should not be treated like this," explained one of the plaintiffs. "I feel absolutely disrespected, very angry, disappointed, embarrassed, and uncomfortable," said another.

They claim during a recent visit, men "secretly" snapped pictures of them naked in intimate areas of the spa. According to the lawsuit, the spa's staff were the ones who did the alleged peeping.

"These men were very comfortable," added one of the women. "They would not move and it didn't matter how uncomfortable a crying naked woman was."

"I can't stop thinking about the way, when I turned around, the guy smiling at me like it didn't matter."

Although Spa Castle recently fired the assistant manger who was named in the lawsuit, the women say when they initially reported the issues, management just shrugged it off.

"The police really wasn't any help, management was no help ... it was just a big joke!"

NewsFix has contacted spa castle for their side of the story but they said they'll get back to us later.

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