Instagram’s new tool will let you block the haters

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DALLAS -- If you need a way to silence the haters, Instagram's got your back!

The social media monster has come out with a new way to automatically filter out the hate by hiding offensive comments. All you have to do is turn it on. Instagram isn't saying what counts as offensive,  which is probably a good thing because you know the internet trolls can probably get around anything!

Not only that, but the blocked comments will still show up for the person who posted it, so they'll never know!

Insta isn't the only platform making changes! Twitter is also creating a feature that will let users flag fake news. There's a catch, though. This tool is still in early stages of creation and may not even become a reality.

It doesn't stop there when it comes to new social media tech! Not wanting to be left behind, Facebook is hopping on board too! They've found a way for their users to find free Wi-Fi in their area, which is good for travelers, people on the go, or just a regular Joe who wants to update their status!

Social media can be a cruel place, but hopefully, with a few improvements, we can all post our selfies without fearing the haters!