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Zeke hosts first Pro Camp in Grand Prairie

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GRAND PRAIRIE, TX — We’ve seen a lot of Ezekiel Elliott lately, thanks to his ESPN the Magazine shoot.

Well today he was out in Grand Prairie, with clothes on this time, for his first ever Pro Camp, and the 240 kids who packed the stadium were way more interested in football than Zeke’s photo shoots.

“The kids haven’t asked me about the body issue,” Zeke laughed. “I think they’re a little too young to know about that.”

What these kids do know is that Zeke is a football king around here. Along with Dak Prescott, who held his own jam-packed pro camps last week, it’s flat out amazing how fast these two have taken over as the faces of this franchise.

“It’s great to be able to come in with a rookie that kind of got everything thrown at him the same way you did and I think it also helps Dak,” Zeke said. “We’re really good friends, we’re basically best friends now just after a year of knowing him and that we have each other to use as tools to get through this.”

And part of this is giving back to the kids that now idolize the two second year players.

“It’s great to be on this stage and it’s all about using it the right way,” said Elliott. “It’s all about influencing these kids the right way, helping him become better people.”

So Pro Bowl running back, young face of the franchise, nude photo model and now youth football coach and mentor. Is there anything Zeke can’t do?

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