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Where do all these random national holidays come from?

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The Fourth of July is coming up - and that's a national holiday we all know about and celebrate.

What about other specials days, like National Deep-Dish Pizza Day, or National Splurge Day?

Holly McGuire is the editor-in-chief of a big book called Chase's Calendar of Events. She's part of the team who determines which days and months make it in the book.

"We look will look at the credentials - who is sponsoring it. are they available to the public.. has it been going on a while.. and based on that and other criteria we'll accept it for the book," McGuire said.

She says Chase's always keeps an eyes out for special days that are trending and being celebrated on the internet. If they spot something they like, they'll reach out to the individual or organization - like this new special day you'll see in the 2018 edition.

"National Back-up Day, which is March 31st. It's a day to remind you to back-up your computer files - or else you'll be an April fool the next day."

And we don't have to wait too long for a reason to celebrate. McGuire says, "June 29 is National Handshake Day, June 30 is National Asteroid Day and July 3 is Complement Your Mirror Day."

But don't expect to get the day off. These days are just for fun.

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