Umpire calls incredible save off the field!

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PITTSBURGH, PA — When you’re major league baseball umpire, calling strikes, balls, and outs is your job, and so is calling people safe!

But today, MLB umpire John Tumpane is being credited with a different kind of save. That’s because he saved a woman’s life.

During an afternoon outing to grab a bite to eat, he noticed something or, rather someone as he was crossing the Roberto Clemente Bridge. He saw a woman climbing over the bridge’s rail.

“I saw a woman, up ahead and I saw her put her leg up on the rail and obviously that grabs your attention.”

It grabbed more than Tumpane’s attention because he talked the woman out of jumping to her death.

“It was just kind of pure instinct.  I saw a situation where I was lucky enough to be there to help.”

Shortly after that, Tumpane was back at work as the home plate umpire for the Pirates game against the Tampa Bay Rays. But you can be sure, the event that unfolded earlier, was something he’ll never forget!

“After she came back up on the side, I went up to her because she said, you’ll just forget me after this and I said no, I’ll never forget you.”

Sure, you can debate balls and strikes all day long but there’s no doubt about it, this was one hell of a call!


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