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Travel Ban 2.0 is in effect!

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DALLAS -- The travel restrictions for people traveling from a handful of other countries to the U.S. is back.

After a ton of back and forth with the courts, parts of President Trump's travel restrictions officially kicked off Thursday night. The first time since January, remember that?

Yea well, here's what you can expect from what’s been dubbed Travel Ban 2.0.

If you're living in Libya, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Yemen or Sudan, you must prove you have a real, bona fide, relationship with an entity or person living in the U.S.

If you don't, you won't be allowed to enter the US for 90 days and if you're a refugee from any country you get banned for 120 days!

So who can't the ban touch? Well, US citizens, Green Card holders, current Visa holders, Dual Nationals, anyone granted asylum, refugees in the United States as of June 26th and lastly, like we mentioned, if you've got a legit relationship with anyone in the U.S.!

Here in Dallas, it's safe to say news does travel fast with people on both sides of the issue. So while the second time around, Travel Ban 2.0 hasn't caused too much turbulence at DFW International, the impact of the ban will no doubt still be felt.


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