Prenups are UP with engaged Millennials!

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DALLAS, Tx. - That moment saying, or hearing, "YES!" is one most remember forever. It was for Sarah Crilley!

"I'm so excited to be engaged, yay!! I'm getting married," says Crilley.

But hearing the word  "prenup" after the "yes" is now becoming more and more frequent with 20-somethings, according to a recent SoFi article.

"You know, Millennials have more invested now in their personal and professional lives because they are waiting to walk down the aisle," says Crilley.

So for this generation, it's "prenup talk" not "cake talk?"

"It's an important one to be able to trust each other and bring it up, so we will be having that conversation in terms of what we`re going to do about that and what kind of cake we want!" says Crilley. Of course, can't forget the cake!

But it's not just personal assets anymore.

"Now, with Millennials, college debt has become a huge mountain for them to climb," says relationship expert and author Donna Arp Weitzman. "With a prenup, they can negotiate who pays in the debt in case of divorce."

Weitzman says she has a prenup in her second marriage and when you're going into discussions, try not to take it personally.

"It does take some of the romance out when you're talking about money and, obviously, money is one of the main causes of divorce," says Weitzman. "You are working out the terms of a divorce before you get married [...] if you were having a partner in a business, you would have some sort of a business arrangement, and it's the same thing as marriage; you're going to have a marital partner."

Weitzman says try to keep it balanced and come with a velvet hammer 'cause we all come with a little bit of baggage, or cellulite, as explained in one of her two best selling books.

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