Plans for Plano traffic are in motion!

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PLANO -- All drivers around here know, the traffic is here!

And with more than 15,000 thousand new employees moving to the area in the next 18 months, 4,000 from Toyota alone,  and new shopping at Legacy West - we know traffic ain`t getting any better.

"If you go back five years, we`re looking at probably 500/600 percent growth," said City of Plano Engineer Matt Tilke.  "In terms of where we`re projecting... it's somewhere in the additional 50 to 60 percent above where we are today."

But don't hit the brakes just yet. In a Thursday morning press conference with city officials, DART, NTTA, and TxDOT, we heard solutions are on the way.

"To meet the region's growing need, roadway capacity, we currently have planned approximately one billion dollars in our capital plan over the next five years, to add lanes and provide mobility for this region," says Elizabeth Mow, NTTA Assistant Executive Director of Infrastructure.

There's a new Traffic Management Association, businesses in the area are being asked to stagger start times, and new traffic signals, lane changes and bus routes, and a bike sharing option are all in the works.

And apparently Uber better look out, they might have some competition.

"This August we`ll launch an on-demand shared-ride bus service that will be available, at least initially, during the lunch hour," says DART President and Executive Director Gary Thomas.

We can probably speak for most drivers in the area when we say we`re glad the bus for change is in motion.

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