Jindallae 3: North Korea just launched a new smartphone and it looks really familiar

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Apple/North Korea/Samsung

NORTH KOREA – The newest smartphone developed in North Korea looks very familiar, whether you’re Apple iOS or Google Android.

The Jindallae 3 large screen smartphone comes in black or white (based on product photos) and looks like a hybrid version of the Apple iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Apple iPhone 6s/MITC Jindallae 3/Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

While the phone’s stock apps are very similar to the iPhone’s, the oval-shaped Home button takes after the Android.

Jindallae 3 Image: Mangyongdae Information Technology Corporation

DPRK Today says the Jindallae 3 was designed, developed, and assembled domestically, inside and out, to be “versatile and multi-functional” with apps “necessary for people’s business and life,” according to nknews.org.

FUN FACT: Jindallae means azalea.

Jindallae 3 Image: Mangyongdae Information Technology Corporation

The device, developed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Mangyongdae Information Technology Corporation, was actually launched back in March, but most of us hadn’t seen what the phone looks like until photos were recently released by DPRK Today, according to digitaltrends.com.

Jindallae 3 Image: Mangyongdae Information Technology Corporation

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