Woman gives birth to 14 pound baby

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COLUMBIA, South Carolina — A South Carolina couple got the surprise of a lifetime when they welcomed the newest addition to their family into the world last week.

Baby Colin takes the record for largest baby ever born at Lexington Medical Center.

Arthur Keisler welcomed his son into the world like many other excited dads.

“I went down to the gift shop because I wanted to find him something that he’d be able to fit into,” he said.

But the task of finding the perfect outfit in this case was as a little more complicated.

“I walked in and they’re like, ‘hey how can I help you today?’ I’m like, ‘well I’m here to find something my son can fit into’ and they said ‘oh is he a premie?’ I’m like, ‘no he’s kind of the biggest baby ever born here.'”

Delivered via C-section, Colin Keisler takes the cake for the biggest baby ever born at Lexington Medical Center.

“We were just like ‘what, what did you say? Weigh that baby again!'” Donna Hinton, Clinical Coordinator of Labor and Delivery said.

Double check they did! Weighing in at 14 pounds, 1.4 ounces, Colin Keisler is double the size of an average newborn. He weighs as much as the average 4 to 5 month old infant.

“My vote was 12 pounds, I wasn’t thinking 14,” Cindy Richmond, the infant’s mother said.

“He is a toddler at 3 days old,” Arthur said.

The last record-holder baby at Lexington Medical Center was born in 1987, weighing in at 13 pounds, 12 ounces.

“The O.R. as soon as he came out said ‘we have to weigh him right now,'” said Arthur.

While the frenzy surrounds them, mom and dad are just happy for a healthy, peaceful baby.

Both mom and baby are healthy. Nurses were keeping an eye on Colin’s blood sugar levels, but they say all is good and the family was set to go home Monday.


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