The Real Thing? Family supposedly cremates body at Viking wedding

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You don't hear much about Vikings these days.

Okay, there are the Minnesota Vikings. and there were those soccer fans in Iceland doing a Viking chant last year.

But the sailing Vikings from a thousand years ago? We don't hear much about them.

That's why this headline's getting attention on social media: "Family Cited for Viking Funeral on Local Lake."

The Nevada County Scooper says a family in California tried to cremate the body of a 92-year-old relative on a lake. There's even a photo to prove it.

Well, that picture might look familiar to you. It looks exactly like one allegedly showing a shark that attacked a boy. Hmmm. That story's *also* in the Nevada County Scooper.

Strip away the shark and the fire and you see that pic is actually a Wikipedia photo of Scott Flat Lake in California.

The Nevada County Scooper *claims* to have been around since 1914. There's a pretty amusing story on their "about" page, but it makes it clear: *this* site is just for fun. Don't look for facts here!

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