Southwest flight diverts after woman tries to open emergency exit mid-flight

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DALLAS -- A flight heading to Houston from L.A. had folks freaked out over the weekend after an unruly passenger caused a Southwest Airlines flight to make an emergency landing.  A suspicious woman reportedly tried to open the emergency exit door during the flight.

"She ran and jumped over the seat, over passengers, grabbed the emergency exit," explained Pamela Minchew.

Minchew is an off-duty cop from Cleveland who was on the plane when everything went left. She also was the one who detained the suspect during the flight.

Other witnesses also claim the "suspicious" lady kept pacing back and forth down the aisle before everything went left. Check out video from a passenger who recorded her standing against the wall before boarding the plane:

Well, that would explain why this video shows the suspect actually walking backwards while being escorted off the plane.

The pilot was able to make an emergency landing in Corpus Christi. Passengers reportedly waited six hours before they were able to get back on the plane and head home.


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