Norwegians looking for vandal who cut off their penis rock

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EIGERSUND, NORWAY -- Mother nature sure does have a sense of humor!

Norwegians are rising up in arms after finding out their famous penis rock was hacked off!

Norway's Trollpikken is a hot spot for hikers who snap a quick picture with the rock, but it came tumbling down, and pictures show the landmark was snipped on purpose by some sort of tool.

Although the Norwegians are hell-bent on avenging the fallen boulder, there aren't any suspects yet. But if the vandal is caught, he or she could face up to six years in prison!

Even though the structure is no longer erect, people are rising to the challenge and say the rock can be fixed!

A crowd-funding site has raised around $20,000 so far, which is almost enough to fix the shafted stone.

We don't think this landmark will have any problems bringing in tourists after this--if they can get it aroused again!

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