New dating app helps you find celebrity lookalikes–and cheaters

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What if we told you about an app that can help find people who look like your celebrity crushes?

Well, the Dating.AI app does exactly that!

All you gotta do is upload the star's photo along with an age range and a zip code and an army of lookalikes will appear.

And if that hasn't caught your attention, this definitely will.

The app can also help find a cheater.

Yup, you heard right.

If you think your spouse is cheating - just plug in their pic and you just might catch him or her.


Well, the app says it pulls faces from various dating websites, including Tinder, and Plenty of Fish.

Once you find the pic, it will take you to their dating profile.

So if your spouse's picture pops up, you know what that means.

Just don't tell 'em we told you about it.

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