Millennials are saving libraries

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DALLAS — Millennials are getting the blame for killing a lot of things these days, but here’s something you can’t blame them for anymore!

A new study from Pew Research shows that Millennials use public libraries more than any other generation, with 53% saying they’ve visited one in the last year.

Of course, that doesn’t even factor in school or campus library so you could say that these supposedly-tech-obsessed Millennials are saving libraries.

“First, I think it’s important to note that Millennials are tangible, they’re readers,” said Kjerstine Nielsen, the assistant director of customer services at Dallas Public Library. “Previous Pew Studies have also shown they’re more likely to read books more than any other generation.”

Besides that, there are probably three other things driving Millennials to the library.

#1: It’s cost efficient versus buying books.

#2: Libraries have made great strides in their high-tech aspects.

And #3: Libraries offer concrete references in a time when facts can be hard to come by.

“This is an exciting time for libraries,” said Nielsen. “I think a lot of us are reenergized by how much people are interested in the libraries and between the fake news movement and all of that, verifying and getting accurate information, libraries are really as relevant as we’ve always been but people are really realizing the kinds of services we can offer and the information we can provide and how we can really help you find a wide variety of things.”

So it looks like the rumors of the Library’s demise have been exaggerated, and you can thank those Millennials for keeping them going.

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