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Use birth control? Stay away from Missouri

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ST. LOUIS, MO -- Being a woman just got a whole lot harder.

Specifically, for women in Missouri who could be the victim of a new bill the state Senate is trying to pass.

Get this: Senate Bill 5 would let landlords and employers discriminate against women who have had abortions or use birth control!

That means, if women are trying to get an apartment, they could be turned away or even evicted for using birth control, having an abortion, or even having a baby out of wedlock.

If women are trying to get a new job, the head honchos would be allowed to ask women what they're doing to stay safe, if you know what we mean.

If they don't like the answer, well too bad, so sad.

There are laws that protect women from the abortion question, but there's no law about birth control, and SB 5 could change all that.

All of this has sparked outrage towards Missouri's Governor Eric Greitens, who volleyed for the bill, and has already taken aim at women's health care.

If the Missouri Senate passes this new birth control abortion asking bill, the next step is the Governor's office.

Since the Greitens is all for the proposed bill, it wouldn't take long for that bill to become law in Missouri.

So if you've got a baby making body, it might be best to steer clear of Missouri for a while.

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