New Snapchat features could put your kids in danger

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A new feature on Snapchat has sparked some worry for parents.

Snapchat introduced their “Snap Map” a few days ago, allowing users to see exactly where their friends are located in real time. Young teens could be sharing their location without parents knowing it.

The feature could be dangerous because friends on the popular app aren’t always friends.

“I have a teenage daughter so just the thought of knowing how much they are on the phone at all times to think that anybody would know where they are at any given time if we weren’t around I think would be really concerning as a parent,” a mother told Fox 23.

Snapchat pointed out that users have to opt-in to use Snap Map. Users can easily hide their location by choosing to be in “ghost mode.” They also have the option to select only the friends they want to reveal their location to.

“The saftey of our community is very important to us,” Snapchat said in a statement, “Snapchatters can choose exactly who they want to share their location with, if at all, and can changer that setting at any time.”