Food and charity event at a Plano gym, what could be better?!

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PLANO, Tx. - If you've ever seen a competition cooking show, then you know how exciting it is waiting for the announcement of who's in first place!

Renegade Boot Camps in Plano held its own member cook-off Saturday, complete with judges and everything!

But that`s not even what made the day so special.

"We actually just added eight children to our family here at Renegade Boot Camps," says Renegade Boot Camps owner, Josh Ponton, or Coach J as he's better known. He is a father, but he doesn't mean that he just had eight kids. "What we do here is as we grow our memberships we actually sponsor children through Humanility which is a non-profit out of the Philippines,"...which he`s visited!

"We`re up to 17 children and our goal here for this location is to get up to 50 children per location," he says.

"They actually call us their 'Renegade family' and call Josh, Papa Josh," says trainer Monica Mancuso, "it`s so cool to write them letters to see what they`re doing, see all their progress, also to help them find healthy lifestyles."

But there`s an even bigger idea in the works for the gym.

"For every gym we open up over here, why don`t we do something overseas for like a children outreach, I definitely believe in helping the children because if we can help our youth that`s going to be the best thing for the future of this planet," says Coach J.

To top things off, he says Humanility is actually building its first shelter for these homeless children, and he's hoping to help raise the funds.

Sounds like a pretty good plan to us!