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Dak hosts over 1,000 kids at his football camp

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CORINTH, TX —  Dak Prescott hit the field for a little Sunday morning football. OK, so it may still be eleven weeks until the season really kicks off, but today was Dak’s Pro Camp for kids. And while he might not have been evading blitzes and tossing touchdowns on the field, this part of his job as the quarterback of America’s Team is just as important to Dak.

“This is what it’s about,” Prescott said. “Using my platform to help change their lives and make their days, their summers or whatever better, help improve the community anyway I can.”

The camp is just more proof of how far Dak has come. A year ago most of these kids probably had no idea who Dak Prescott was, and now #4 is #1 with all of them!

Seeing over a thousand kids at his camp in just his second year in the NFL is a surprise even for Prescott.

“I didn’t think it would be within in a year that over a thousand kids would show up to camp,” Dak said. “But I’ve always envisioned being able to do something like this.”

Yep, it’s a true underdog story and one that he hopes sticks with these campers as he takes time out of his offseason to motivate them and just have a little fun.

“I just want them to set dreams and dream big,” said Dak. “When I was their ago people told me I wouldn’t do what I’m doing today. So just set dreams, set goals and not let anyone dictate what you do.”

Hopefully that’s a lesson that carries over to these kids in every aspect of their life… and maybe to the Cowboys this season, too!

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