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Summer 17′ isn’t the hottest summer, but it’s still a scorcher!

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If you live in Texas, you probably have a conversation about how hot it is least five times a day on the regular. And to think summer has just begun!

Scorching summers are a big part of living in the lone star state - that's no secret.

But just what type of sweltering heat are we looking at?

Well, according to the National Weather Service, there isn't the slightest indication summer 17' will be any hotter than average.

Your daily temperatures will probably hit around the mid-nineties - which again, is normal for this time of year in North Texas.

But don't think for a second you're in the clear.

Outsmarting the hot spell is still priority number one and bad choices can still harm you!

That's where the Salvation Army comes in!

From June 22nd to July 9th you can help someone in need.

Major Jonathan Rich of Salvation Army says, "We've partnered with West Lake Ace Hardware to do a fan drive. People from all around the Metroplex can go to any location and donate to the Salvation Army’s fan drive.

People all over suffer from the heatwave and donating a fan is guaranteed to make you the real MVP of summer.

"Suffering in the heat without air conditioning, without the movement of air is just miserable. We all know that,” says Rich.

Yes we do! So before you get summer started, make sure you beat the heat!

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