Fitt 33: Summer Flex’n Workout!

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Jump into summer tanks with arms you’re proud to flex in! This quick at home arm circuit will have you flexing and ready in no time! Let’s get started!

The Workout:

- 20 second - Curl and Press: Slow it down and concentrate on keeping your muscles engaged.  Keep those arms from swinging and keep your core engaged.

- 10 second rest: this means breathe 4 second count in, hold, and 4 second count exhale.

- 20 second - Dumbbell Neutral Grip Push Ups: Say what? Don't worry, you can modify this exercise by doing the push ups on your knees. Remember to keep a tight core and push through the chest.

- 10 second rest:  Breathe 4 seconds in, hold, and 4 seconds exhale.

Repeat these moves for 4 minutes total & then check out your flex in the mirror!

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