Pothole of the Day: Just Ask Jamarcus

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Today's pothole is a dangerous one.

Don't believe us? Just ask Jamarcus.

"I see wrecks all the time 'cause of this pothole," he said.

It's on Hampton Road just north of Ledbetter. Jamarcus seems to be the expert on this one.

"I don't see why they ain't fixed it," he said. Look at this road. It's damaged. The whole road's damaged!"

He says it's been there for years. And he's got a message for the city.

"This road is really dangerous. The city of Dallas needs to get on their job and come out here and fix this pothole 'cause it's causing too many wrecks out here."

We found out about this pothole because someone posted a note about it on our Facebook page. Head over there and tell us about the pothole that's giving *you* a bumpy ride. It could be our next pothole of the day.