Will this Cowboys linebacker ever play in a game?

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Jaylon Smith practices at Cowboys Mandatory Minicamp.

FRISCO, TX — Sports are all about miracles. The Miracle on Ice, miracle Hail Mary’s, and miracle comebacks. Well right now the Cowboys might be holding out for a mini-miracle themselves.

Linebacker Jaylon Smith hasn’t played football in 18 months. Last time he did he tore his ACL and LCL in the Fiesta Bowl. That devastating injury dropped him from a top 5 draft prospect into the second round where Dallas got him.

Now he’s finally getting his shot to prove he still has it and the team is hopeful they still have an all-pro linebacker on their hands.

“We’ll keep taking his situation day by day and week by week and we’re not going to make a lot of predictions about what he can or can’t do,” Jason Garrett said of Smith. “We’re just going to keep progressing the way we have. He’s made a lot of strides and we’re very optimistic about him.”

Here’s the one big catch: His left foot is suffering from a condition called “drop foot” where his muscles are unable to lift the foot by itself and he has to wear an ankle brace at all times. That fact hasn’t slowed Smith’s faith that he’s coming back.

“Everything is a process so we’re taking things slow and just working my way into everything, but whenever I’m out there I’m participating in everything,” Smith said. “I’m loving working with the guys, working with my teammates, feeling like I’m a player and a part of America’s Team, so everything I can do to contribute is a great feeling.”

Now we can just wait and hope that the great feeling can hit the field in a real game. But hey, even a few years ago an injury like Jaylon’s probably would’ve sidelined him for life. Now at least, he has a shot, and we may be halfway to a mini sports miracle.