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TTYL Tiger?! Pro-golfer will not participate in U.S. Open, will go to rehab instead

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JUPITER, FL -- It's almost tee time for the U.S. Open, but can you guess who won't be on the dance floor this year?

We all know the last few weeks have been pretty bad for Mr. Woods.

So, Tiger's counting himself out of the mix to reportedly go to rehab.

His recent DUI arrest put him at jeopardy of losing custody of his two kids. Safe to say, his crashed Benz and alleged Xanax addiction are just some of his woes right now.

But a little birdie says, Tiger will spend 28 days at the Jupiter Medical Center in Florida. His third time at a rehab facility since '09.

But, looking at the facilities fancy website he'll enjoy a resort-style experience, upscale amenities, spa services and gourmet meals.

Hey, we don't blame Tiger for ditching the sticks to get better.

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