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Simon Says: Chill out! Don’t let politics have a field day in your head

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Republicans and Democrats have a baseball practice and within seconds a crazy guy with a gun gets both sides to finally agree on something: how they should be united against what happened in Alexandria.

But it’s really on us to think about how and why this happened.  How the shooter could let the politics of the day have a field day in his head.

He’s likely not the only one.

We have become an angry bunch lately. Pissed-off people, taking politics too literally. I’m too young to remember the anger in the air back in the 1960’s, but I can’t remember a time in my life when fists, four-letter words, and now bullets settled political differences.

We learn by example, people. Followers copying leaders.

You get the idea. This acting out, reflex behavior has us at an embarrassing level.

The United States of Hate.

It makes it okay for a Republican running for Congress to body slam a reporter. It makes it okay for a Democrat to push his Republican Congressman at a town hall meeting.

This kind of thing is happening on both sides of the political spectrum, folks, and I don’t feel I’m going out on a limb here when I say it helped put a man over the edge before he went to that baseball field.

Chill out, everyone!

We have to stop taking what’s going on here toO personally!  It used to be political differences were settled with a duel.

In the 1800’s, politicians took insults way too hard. They then they took things outside and had a pointed conversation with each other. Let’s just say  Alexander Hamilton’s aim wasn’t on the money.

Let’s hope this guy is the last guy to take aim at Congress like he’s trying to settle some kind of score.

Sure, issues like the ECONOMY and a CLASS SOCIETY seem to anger everyone these days, but the best first step is for everyone to show some CLASS for a change.

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