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Sex With Stefani: Sex Toys

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I am Stefani Threadgil and I am your sex therapist.

Let me ask you a question: If I were to walk into your bedroom and open your nightstand, what would I find?

This is Sex with Stefani and we are talking about sex toys.

This is not a topic that typically comes up in conversation, so we are going to talk about it here because there are a lot of concerns and questions that come up regarding sex toys.

Let's be honest. Some of them can look really strange, plus buying them can not only be overwhelming but it can also be really intimidating. There can also be a small hint of inadequacy in the bedroom and (they) can be really threatening to a partner that they might be replaced.

I am here to tell you to not think like that. These toys can be enhancers, not replacers. If you are in a long-term monogamous relationship, they can spice up your sex life. These pleasure producers have come a long way in quality and design, and some of them do not even look naughty.

The takeaway?

Do not be shy about your needs and try to think about toys in a fun way.

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