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Carrollton woman unresponsive on American Airlines flight, body ‘dragged’ off plane

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota –  A Carrollton woman was found partially clothed and unresponsive on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Minneapolis on Monday afternoon.

Theresa Hines, 48, was found in the 737 plane’s rear bathroom while still in the air. When the plane landed, EMTs used a portable stretcher to bring her down the aisle.

According to airport spokesman Pat Hogan, Hines was wearing a shirt and underwear when being carried off.

Some passengers believe the way Hines was carried off the plane was out of line, while others saw nothing wrong with the EMTs’ methods.

According to a passenger on board, EMTs stood behind Hines’ head and “dragged her down the aisle.”

“From our standpoint everything was handled according to the textbook,” Hogan told a news source.

A team of flight attendants, a doctor, three nurses and others tended to Hines before the flight landed, according to American Airlines officials.

Passengers were kept on board while they tried to resuscitate Hines. After an hour of attempts, a tarp was pulled up on the jetway to shield her and passengers were allowed to leave.

“We are deeply saddened by this event and our thoughts and prayers go out to our passenger’s loved ones,” AA said in a statement.

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